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Up North Friends

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My mom's bird bath

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another "obsession"

I have been looking at needle point samplers lately. The old one's were done as schooling for young women. Claire has been stitching for a few months. She is getting better, so I thought I'd stitch along side of her.
I was inspired by this sampler that I found online. It is so beautiful! I decided to use the grid system and incorporate things that I like and find inspiring or icons from my past. It isn't done, but here is what I have so far.I will show a picture of Claire's when she is finished. Now to decide what they will become. Maybe a pillow? Framed art?


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Stitching at Papa and Mimi's

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baby grape tomatoes

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Wind chime Claire's class made for the school auction. It now hangs on the play house.

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Jack ready for his first boat ride.

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Dad Settergren with some of his grandkids.

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Birdhouse Claire made at Vacation Bible School.

Claire's New Pants

I have been in love with the children's clothing line from Matilda Jane for awhile now. It is beautiful stuff, but kinda pricey for my taste.
So, you know me, I decided to make some pants inspired by their ruffle pants.
I found a pattern and made the shape based off of that pattern. I then measured where I would like the ruffle to start and added it. The waist band is a little off and has a gaping issue, but not bad for a first shot at it.

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In Any Event Wedding Bags

I finished all of the bags for this weekend's wedding. It is going to be a blast! It is always a ton of work, but I love working with these ladies.
These bags are beautiful. I love the fabric and the bags for the flower girls turned out adorable.

I hope that Jen Kroll can get some good pictures of the bridal party with their bags. Last time they ended up in The Knot!


Have you seen the size of the Route 44 drink at Sonic? Incredible!

Monday, July 13, 2009


I bought this statue at an art fair a few years ago. She has moved with us and I still love her.

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Claire holding Jack

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The Greatest Fourth in the North

That is what they call the 4th of July celebration in Lake City. Each year we come up and go to the Grand Parade on the morning of the 4th and enjoy fireworks in the evening. This year we had great weather and the girls had a great time.I used a new action on this one. I think I like it.


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