Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween is upon us

As you know, I love to get creative when it comes to Halloween costumes. Last year the girls were peacocks. It worked out great. The weather was warm and beautiful.
This year I had a plan to be birds. I bought the masks and crepe paper and was really excited. Then I heard the weather forecast. Wet and cold. We could handle the cold, but you all know what happens to wet crepe paper. What a mess!
So this weekend, I raided my fabric stash and made these beauties! I found a tutorial here, but you really don't need one. Lilly has a party at preschool, so she has to be able to sit in hers. I swapped out the cardboard "wrapper" for a skirt. I just made inverted pleats every so often to look like a cupcake wrapper. If I were more picky I'd measure, but I just did it by sight.
Now, they can wear sweatshirts and pants under the costume and stay nice and warm. I think I'll add a berry to the top of the hats just to top them off. The girls love them. Lilly wanted to sleep in hers and wear it for picture day today.

No excuses this time

I know that I haven't posted pictures like I said I would. I am not going to make excuses. All I am going to say is it isn't as easy as you'd think.

I am going to share a few pics of my day away with the little girls, my sister, Jack and my mom. We took a couple of days an met in Michigan City, IN. Leah and Jack took the train in and we picked them up at the "station." This was really a 12x12 covered bus shelter. Good thing we were both on time.
We made our way over to the hotel and hit the pool. The girls enjoyed the pool a lot because they could both touch in the shallow end. It was a little cool for Jack so he only stayed in for a little bit, but the hot tub was like a bath. He liked it in there!
After dinner, we came home and had a "birthday party" for my mom. Notice how the frosting melted on the cupcakes and how they look so delicious!
Later, I enjoyed a horrible nights sleep on a pull out couch with both Claire and Lilly, while my mom and Leah slept in a King size bed. Who got the short end of that stick?
The next morning the girls swam again while we packed up and after some shopping, it was back to catch the train.
It was a fast, but fun visit. I think we should do it again soon (minus the bed part) :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You may think I am insane, but I LOVE these!

I called Coco over to look at these when I came across them yesterday. She thinks they are too much, but I say you can never have to much when it comes to jewelry.
These wonderful necklaces are made by Idea Farm Designs on etsy.
I cannot afford to buy one right now, but they are definitely going on my favorite seller list.
If anyone has some vintage necklaces, cameos, metal broaches, or other "stuff" you could try combining them into one of these beauties. If they are not your thing, you can send your stuff to me and I'll try it!

Queen of Hearts and Alice in Wonderland Costume Set GIVEAWAY!!!!

I cannot even begin to describe the detail and beauty in these halloween costumes by Grosgrain. I am sure that there will be thousands of entries to win these, but I have to take a shot at it.
Queen of Hearts and Alice in Wonderland Costume Set GIVEAWAY!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I know...I know...

I have been getting not so subtle hints from my mother that I have not been keeping up with my photo a day. I am well aware of this fact, but if you have been anywhere near me you know why. I have been working my "real" job, working for In Any Event for all of the ArtPrize parties, and trying to get ready for the LCS craft show. I am also trying to keep my house in some sense of order and spend some time with my family so that they do not forget me.
Anyway, I will be trying to do a better job in the coming weeks.

I have always hated school pictures. Claire always seems to have hair all over and she fake smiles. Claire had her school pictures taken last week. I ordered one for her memory book, but I took pictures for her to hand out to everyone. While I was at it, I did Lilly's too.
I sent them off to Color Inc and got wallets for their class. Total cost: $16. Not bad.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Bag

I can post the bag I made for Amy's birthday because I gave it to her today. I know that she checks this blog on occasion and I had to wait until I gave it to her before I could show you.
So, here it is....
Introducing the Amy bag. I needed something easy and quick to make up for craft shows and this is what I came up with. I designed, cut and sewed this one in less than an hour. It turned out great! I love it. Hopefully everyone else will too.