Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bedroom Face Lift

The girls have decided that they want to have their own rooms for awhile. We moved Lilly into the "reading room" and Claire stayed in their bedroom. Each girl got to pick the colors for their room. We looked at fabrics, Pinterest, and magazines. Lilly ended up choosing grey and yellow. Claire chose a shower curtain that we found and my mom was able to find in Florida.
Here is Lilly's Room.

We got the desks from school last year. They each have one in their room. The curtains are actually tablecloths from Target. Their Dwell line is a great source for graphic fabrics.
The tablecloths were only $20 each.
I cut them down the middle and added tabs on the back to hang them with pleats.

The birdcage and stool are thrifted. The birdcage was red. We painted it and added a cute yellow bird. The stool was plain so I added a cushion that goes with the theme. I still need to make all of the throw pillows for the bed and she has requested wallpaper on one wall.

Now on to Claire's room

The jumping off point for Claire's room was the curtains. It is a shower curtain from the Jaipur line by echo. The bedding is very expensive. We purchased the shower curtain for $35 and made the curtains for the bedroom. Jim painted 3 walls a coral color and one green (Claire's choices).
The table and footstool are thrifted. I recovered the footstool with a fabric that coordinates with the color scheme. The chair still needs a slipcover and she too needs pillows, but it is looking good.

All told, these were pretty cheap face lifts. The girls are thrilled with each new thing that comes in the room. I'll take pics of the pillows as soon as they are done. I have some very cute designs planned.