Friday, March 19, 2010

New Do's

Lilly hates having her hair done. And when I say hates, I mean screams and says your hurting my head. So much so that I have actually asked her doctor if it is possible for a kid to have such a sensitive scalp that it would hurt to brush her hair. He said it was very unlikely. So, I decided it is time for a haircut. The girls had their hair cut for school in September, but that was the last time. Hmmm....wonder if that is a good idea.
Claire decided she was having bangs. She has had them before and I really don't care, so she did it. I think she is cute and she thinks it is "adorable."
I decided that it would be good for Lilly to go short. That way she can do her own hair, not need a ponytail to keep it out of her face, and it was really cute the last time she did it.
So, without further ado, I present the new looks.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Update post

I promised an update pic of the snowman family and the Lobies. Here it is.Not a whole lot changed with the snow family, but they did add a beard on Jim.

I cannot say enough about these Lobies. They shipped really fast and the girls couldn't wait to try them out. They love them! Both girls have used their Lobies with their Ipods and Nintendo DS systems. They are comfortable, and will fit any ear. You can coil them around and make them smaller for small ears like Lilly.
The best part is that once I got the order there was a request for a review. If I completed an online review on Amazon, they would send me a coupon code for 50% off my next order of up to 7 pairs. I love them so much I bought 7 pairs and will gift them out to friends with kids who could use them. If you will be traveling for spring break, I highly recommend Lobies!

Saturday Fun Day

I had nothing special planned for the day. Jodi called at about 11 o'clock and said that her kids wanted to play with my kids today. She had called the bowling alley and they said they only had lanes open until 1. We decided to hustle over there and let the kids bowl. We actually only got about 7 frames in before we had to quit, but they sure did have fun. I guess we learned our lesson and if we want to bowl on a Saturday, we better get them there by 9.
After bowling, we went and grabbed some lunch. The kids played all day long and had tons of fun. We are so thankful for friends like Gretchen and Seth. Thanks for calling, Jodi!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What do you get when you mix Claire and a round brush?

This is NOT Claire. It is very close to the adventure we had this morning.

This morning we were running late (as usual). I told Claire to run upstairs and brush her teeth and then come downstairs and brush her hair. I set the brush on the couch. Not very complicated. Simple actually. I should have known better.
A few minutes later Claire came downstairs crying because "This brush is stuck in my hair?" I turned around to find her with a 1 inch round brush attached to her head. It was jammed in there. I couldn't budge it. My first thought was "we are going to have to cut this out and she is going to have a patch of 2" hair in the middle of her head." Then I came to my senses and called my resident hair expert, my neighbor Shelly.
Shelly told me to find a pencil or a rat tail comb (because I have one of those?) and to loosen a small section at a time. Like 4-5 hairs at a time. Well, when she said pencil it dawned on me. I often use a pencil to clean a round brush. Running a pencil up the space between the bristles. This could work. I started to "clean" the brush and all of Claire's hair started coming off, along with all of the gross old hair that was on it.
Once the brush was out, we were left with a humongous tangle of hair. Now, I know you are thinking that I am exaggerating when I say humongous and I am sorry to report that I did not take a picture, but let me assure you it was a mess.
I told her to bite on something and hold on because I was brushing it out and we were getting her to school.
Needless to say, crisis averted. No weird haircut, not even late to school. The brush has found a new resting place in our garbage can. NO MORE ROUND BRUSHES!!!