Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lilly's Preschool Christmas Program

Lilly had her Christmas program today. I talked with her teacher who said Lilly is, and I quote, "such a quiet little girl." What did she just say? Are you sure you have the right Lilly? There are two in the class you know. So I found out today that Lilly is quiet, shy and prefers to play alone at school. I am making an appointment tomorrow to have her tested for multiple personality disorder.

I took a couple of pictures with the two kids in her class that she says she likes.
This is Lilly and Lily K. This is the only kid she claims to play with.This is Giovonni. This is the little boy that Lilly loves. He is a naughty boy. Who would have guessed that my little girl would go for the naughty boy.

Here is the proof of her multiple personalities.

Christmas Frame "Wreath"

Do you remember the frame wreath I wrote about? Blue Cricket Design featured this a few weeks ago and I knew I had to try it. However, life got in the way and I never got around to making the ornaments.
I stopped at Hobby Lobby this week and they have 50% off all of their Christmas decorations. I found some that are plastic and will not break when they hit the door. I also found some floral picks that I thought would look nice. I dressed it with some fun ribbon and this is what I came up with.
Now all I need to do is dig out one of my wreath hangers and get it on to the front door.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Family Christmas Card

I sent out my cards so I think it is safe to post about them.
Kelly Braman took some excellent pictures of my girls and they made for a great card. I designed it in PhotoShop and had it printed by Color Inc. If you have never used Color Inc for your printing, you are missing out. They do beautiful work and are very reasonably prices. You even get free shipping if your order is over $15.These were printed as a 5x7 flat double sided card in a matte finish. Be sure to stop by the Color Inc site and look at all of their great products and specials. They do a great job with Gallery Wrapped Canvases as well.

New Christmas Decor

Remember these, well here is the Jen versionVery easy to make. I think they are absolutely wonderful! I think we are going to use them as the centerpiece for Courteney's Christmas Party that she has with her friends.
Remember the party we did last year? No, well check it out!

I have been in love with the decorations that Starbucks used a couple of years ago. They involved a lot of yarn and doves.Here is my version

I have it hanging in my office. I didn't want to make enough of the yarn balls to cover a whole wire wreath form, so I repurposed a wreath I had in the basement. I also added my favorite pair of wooden knitting needles. I will remove them for storage, but I will not be knitting any time soon with all of the sewing I have to do.

What new items have you added to your home or office this year?

BTW, Ann Wood has a free gift tag download on her site. She does fantastic work. Be sure to get this one.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tis the Season...

I have been so busy lately, I don't even know where to begin. Between my full-time job, my mom job, my wife job, and by Handbags by Jen job, I am getting a little overwhelmed.
That being said, there are still several things on my agenda.

1. April and I will be at the Lowell Christmas Craft Show on Saturday. The whole town is transformed to a craft show, food booths and general Christmas goodness.

2. I am planning a Christmas party for Coco and her friends again this year. I have a couple of weeks to get it together.

3. I have a few things to whip out this weekend to finish Christmas orders.

4. Here are a few things on my want to do for Christmas list:
Pretty Ditty has these great trees on her blog and I love them. I picked up the stuff to make them at Hobby Lobby last night.

Design Sponge shows how to make these awesome canvas bags using a paper doily and some fabric paint. How easy is that!

iDIY has a free template to make these Mini Photo Calendars. You need to use Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to insert you own photos into the calendar, but how cute are they?

Rachel loves Bob is selling some great pieces made with buttons. What a great use for a button stash! Art!

Patty Young and MODKIDS are coming out with doll clothes patterns that are designed to use her fabrics and match her little girl outfits! LOVE THESE!

Needless to say, not all of these things will be attempted before Christmas, but I do have some time off after the holiday. Maybe then....