Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lilly's Preschool Christmas Program

Lilly had her Christmas program today. I talked with her teacher who said Lilly is, and I quote, "such a quiet little girl." What did she just say? Are you sure you have the right Lilly? There are two in the class you know. So I found out today that Lilly is quiet, shy and prefers to play alone at school. I am making an appointment tomorrow to have her tested for multiple personality disorder.

I took a couple of pictures with the two kids in her class that she says she likes.
This is Lilly and Lily K. This is the only kid she claims to play with.This is Giovonni. This is the little boy that Lilly loves. He is a naughty boy. Who would have guessed that my little girl would go for the naughty boy.

Here is the proof of her multiple personalities.

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