Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Christmas Decor

Remember these, well here is the Jen versionVery easy to make. I think they are absolutely wonderful! I think we are going to use them as the centerpiece for Courteney's Christmas Party that she has with her friends.
Remember the party we did last year? No, well check it out!

I have been in love with the decorations that Starbucks used a couple of years ago. They involved a lot of yarn and doves.Here is my version

I have it hanging in my office. I didn't want to make enough of the yarn balls to cover a whole wire wreath form, so I repurposed a wreath I had in the basement. I also added my favorite pair of wooden knitting needles. I will remove them for storage, but I will not be knitting any time soon with all of the sewing I have to do.

What new items have you added to your home or office this year?

BTW, Ann Wood has a free gift tag download on her site. She does fantastic work. Be sure to get this one.

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