Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Weekend

The girls and I went up north to my parents house for the Memorial Day weekend. We had a great time visiting and playing with baby Jack.
My mom picked up some vintage hats from an antique store and the girls had a ball playing with them.

A Surprise for Handbags by Jen

Last August, In Any Event created a beautiful wedding for Curt and Liz. I posted pics of the event at the time. Well, the wedding and reception details were published in the newest issue of The Knot Michigan.
Guess what was included? The bags I made for the bridal party! They look great and I am so excited that they made the spread.
Check out the 5..yes 5 pages of details! Congrats Jodi on getting this wonderful event in print!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Coco's Open House at Church

Saturday we had our open house at church. 3 of our high school graduates set up tables in the fellowship hall and received congratulations from the church family. Courteney, Andy and Rebecca all set up their stuff and we had a great time.Coco put together her board, but I think we received the most comments about her senior picture and the sisters book that the little girls made her for Christmas.
Thanks to every one who came. We are looking forward to her big open house in June.

"New" Play Kitchen

I sold our Step2 Playhouse after only one day on Craigslist. Once the new playhouse is delivered, we have to assemble it. That could take a little bit, but the girls will not let us wait to long. One thing Lilly got upset about when the people came to pick it up was the fact that her kitchen was leaving with it (it is part of the playhouse).
I found a cute little 3 drawer dresser at a garage sale and thought I could make it into a kitchen for the new house.
I took out the bottom two drawers and removed their faces. I then secured them together and made the oven door. The oven door is attached with two hinges on the bottom, but I need to get some sort of magnet to hold the door up.
I used cds for burners, a stainless bowl for the sink, and free knobs. The faucet came from the Habitat for Humanity store in town.
Here is the breakdown:
Dresser $4
Bowl $6
Faucet $2
CDs Free
Knobs Free
Hinges $3
Handle on Oven door $6
Towel Holder $4
Paint Already Had in Garage
Total $25
The girls love it and I don't have to worry about them dinging it up because it is also aged beautifully.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

An Ode to Lotus Full Moon

I tried to order some Amy Butler Lotus Full Moon today. I called the distributor and they told me that she is phasing out all of the Belle and Lotus lines. Excuse me? What the h*%)$ is she thinking? I love these lines. I use them for everything. I can't believe that this is happening. I asked the rep to key in the order as is and give me anything she can. Even if it is a yard, I'll take it. I know there is demand for the lime. Last time I ordered it there were orders for over 4000 yards ahead of me.

If there are any of you that have stock and want to unload it at wholesale pricing or just above, let me know.

In the meantime, I think we should flood AB with emails about our love for Full Moon.
Here is the studio email:

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Graduation is sneaking up on me

I know that there are a lot of things that need to happen before Coco's graduation. Exams, Prom, etc., but her open house is sneaking up on me. We have her first one on May 16 at church. Each of the graduates set up a table and we have cake and root beer floats. This allows all the church members to congratulate each of the graduates and not drive all over town on different days. I think it is a really good idea. We need to get a photo display ready for her table so people have something to look at. I also need to get my responsibilities for that day done.

Then we have her "official" open house on June 13. We are renting a pavilion at a park close to our house. That way if it rains, I don't have a ton of people trying to cram in my garage. I have most of it planned it is just in need of execution. I have made a design board of all of the things I plan on having.1. Milk glass vases and jars with simple florals on the tables.
2. Paper lanterns (only if I can find a place to hang them in the pavilion.)
3. Potato Chips
4. Photo area - hang a sheet + box of props + digital camera = Tons of great Pics.
5. Veggie Pizza
6. Cheese Tray
7. Potato Salad
8. Fruit Salad
9. Fruit Punch
10. Cake
11. Congrats Banner
12. Pulled Pork Sandwiches
13. Candy Buffet

If any one has a vintage print queen size sheet (mustard yellow flowers or such) that I could borrow, please let me know. I am still on the hunt for that.

In the meantime, I need to finish all of the bags for Ellen's Wedding (this will happen tonight), sew 3 I Spy Pillows for gifts and clean my house.

Wish me luck!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Claire and Lilly's Birthday

Usually I throw a big shindig for the girls' birthday. This year, I am doing a graduation open house for Coco, so the other party is not happening.
Tonight we are going to Red Robin with Jim's family and Lilly will get to open her gifts. Actually, Claire will get to open one too.
I bought these nature scavenger hunt cards from Etsy.
I divided up the cards so each girl will have some and then made bags for them to stash their treasure in. I love the way they came out and I am sure they will provide hours of fun this spring and summer.Of course, this is one of many things they will be spoiled with this year. This is being delivered in a couple of weeks.
I will paint it to match the house and get a kitchen and chalk board inside. Thanks to Papa and Mimi, Papi, and anyone else who gives cash for their birthday. It (along with our part) is all being pooled to get one great gift this year.

Cinco de Mayo Baby

My baby turns 4 today. Cinco de Mayo. When she gets bigger she will appreciate that a little more. A guaranteed margarita party on her birthday. Look at her. So little, so innocent. Fast forward 4 years. Remember the Oompa Loompa incident a couple of weeks ago. Not quite so innocent. She is stinkin cute though.

I love you very much. You make me laugh everyday. Happy 4th birthday.

Roamin' Through Romans

Last Friday was Grandparents Day at Claire's school. The performed a musical called "Roamin' Through Romans." The parents got to come for a preview on Thursday night. The program was very cute, but watching the kids between the songs is generally more entertaining. Claire was so funny to watch. Can you find my kid in this picture?

I love that she is still at the age where singing is cool. She doesn't like to be the center of attention does she?
This is definitely one of the times that I appreciate her Christian school and the lessons that she learns there.