Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Graduation is sneaking up on me

I know that there are a lot of things that need to happen before Coco's graduation. Exams, Prom, etc., but her open house is sneaking up on me. We have her first one on May 16 at church. Each of the graduates set up a table and we have cake and root beer floats. This allows all the church members to congratulate each of the graduates and not drive all over town on different days. I think it is a really good idea. We need to get a photo display ready for her table so people have something to look at. I also need to get my responsibilities for that day done.

Then we have her "official" open house on June 13. We are renting a pavilion at a park close to our house. That way if it rains, I don't have a ton of people trying to cram in my garage. I have most of it planned it is just in need of execution. I have made a design board of all of the things I plan on having.1. Milk glass vases and jars with simple florals on the tables.
2. Paper lanterns (only if I can find a place to hang them in the pavilion.)
3. Potato Chips
4. Photo area - hang a sheet + box of props + digital camera = Tons of great Pics.
5. Veggie Pizza
6. Cheese Tray
7. Potato Salad
8. Fruit Salad
9. Fruit Punch
10. Cake
11. Congrats Banner
12. Pulled Pork Sandwiches
13. Candy Buffet

If any one has a vintage print queen size sheet (mustard yellow flowers or such) that I could borrow, please let me know. I am still on the hunt for that.

In the meantime, I need to finish all of the bags for Ellen's Wedding (this will happen tonight), sew 3 I Spy Pillows for gifts and clean my house.

Wish me luck!


Amanda said...

I love the candy buffet idea...I know you can do it all, you are super woman.

HandbagsbyJen said...

Well, I am planning on inviting you guys. You can see it in person if you want.

Barb said...

I used to have one that would have fit your requirements perfectly, but last year at this time, I was furiously clearing out and giving away to Goodwill, etc. If only I had known.