Sunday, May 17, 2009

"New" Play Kitchen

I sold our Step2 Playhouse after only one day on Craigslist. Once the new playhouse is delivered, we have to assemble it. That could take a little bit, but the girls will not let us wait to long. One thing Lilly got upset about when the people came to pick it up was the fact that her kitchen was leaving with it (it is part of the playhouse).
I found a cute little 3 drawer dresser at a garage sale and thought I could make it into a kitchen for the new house.
I took out the bottom two drawers and removed their faces. I then secured them together and made the oven door. The oven door is attached with two hinges on the bottom, but I need to get some sort of magnet to hold the door up.
I used cds for burners, a stainless bowl for the sink, and free knobs. The faucet came from the Habitat for Humanity store in town.
Here is the breakdown:
Dresser $4
Bowl $6
Faucet $2
CDs Free
Knobs Free
Hinges $3
Handle on Oven door $6
Towel Holder $4
Paint Already Had in Garage
Total $25
The girls love it and I don't have to worry about them dinging it up because it is also aged beautifully.


Jodi said...

Seriously, Jen!! Your creativity never ceases to amaze me! This is absolutely, positively adorable.

robert settergren said...

Jim is so lucky to have a talented person like you for a wife. Whats with the blue velcro? I think I have something better.

HandbagsbyJen said...

It isn't blue velcro. It is painters tape. I need a hinge for the inside so this is just preventing it from falling open. I am smarter than that. :)

kara said...

You are so creative! You never cease to amaze me!

Deborah- said...