Monday, May 4, 2009

Claire and Lilly's Birthday

Usually I throw a big shindig for the girls' birthday. This year, I am doing a graduation open house for Coco, so the other party is not happening.
Tonight we are going to Red Robin with Jim's family and Lilly will get to open her gifts. Actually, Claire will get to open one too.
I bought these nature scavenger hunt cards from Etsy.
I divided up the cards so each girl will have some and then made bags for them to stash their treasure in. I love the way they came out and I am sure they will provide hours of fun this spring and summer.Of course, this is one of many things they will be spoiled with this year. This is being delivered in a couple of weeks.
I will paint it to match the house and get a kitchen and chalk board inside. Thanks to Papa and Mimi, Papi, and anyone else who gives cash for their birthday. It (along with our part) is all being pooled to get one great gift this year.

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kara said...

Jen, They are going to love the play house! I had one as a little girl and have so many good memories of playing in it.