Monday, July 16, 2012

Main Floor Redo

I have been slowly updating the living room.  And when I say updating, I should say retro-ing.
Actually, we are kind of working our way through the whole main floor.  We started with the kitchen (which still needs counters and a back splash).

 Jim is working on a light fixture for the dining room that is similar to this.

The buffet between the living room and the dining room got a makeover as well.  I finally found a place for Great Aunt Ruth's needlepoint.  The mirror is made of plastic spoons painted in varying shades of orange.  I love it.  All of this is hung with my new favorite product. I am using 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips for everything!  They work just like the hooks, but are heavy duty velcro type stuff.  Just stick both sides to the back of the picture, peel off the sticker, level and press to the wall.
The owl and orange vase are from Homegoods.  The scale is from Lost & Found. As you will later see, I have moved the teal cloche to a new home.  
I am sure that this display will change with time, but I love it for now.

 My mom got me these adorable owls for my birthday.  I bought the teal cloche at Lost & Found (a great resource for all things kitchy an old.  The plate is from an estate sale. All of this is on the shelf above our TV.

This is my old lamp.  I spray painted the base orange (of course) and took a scissors to the shade.  Jim thought I was nuts, but I love the way it turned out.  He likes it, too!
The shade is made of strips of fabric and pieces of ribbon tied together and woven through the shade.
They were re purposed after using them as chair accents at the girls' Butterfly Birthday Party.

The newest addition is this HUGE lamp.  It was a craigslist find for $10.  
 I decided it needed some sprucing up.  I primed and painted the base and gave it a dark teal update.  I then spray painted the shade white.  It looks good when the light is off, but is spotty when it is on.  I think I will paint it with a roller to try and get a more even coat.  You can see the new drapes in this shot.  They are actually shower curtains from WestElm.  I bought 3 panels and used one to lengthen the other 2.

I will post some full room shots when we are closer to done (and all of our crap is put away).

Friday, February 10, 2012

Wardrobe Revamp

A couple of weeks ago, Jim told me that he disliked a sweater I have been wearing for a couple of  years now.  I wondered why he didn't tell me earlier, but shrugged it off.
I have gotten a little bit tired of my clothing choices lately and decided I needed a change.  I didn't want to spend a lot of money, so I started looking at my closet.  There was the sweater.  Definite wardrobe revamp material.
I started with the sweater, some lace, buttons and RIT dye.
Rit Dye can make a dramatic change with very little $ or effort.  Ok, maybe it takes some effort, but it is way worth it.
Here are the sweaters after the teal dye.  I used a large soup pot and did the stove top method.  I am a little afraid of trying my washing machine to do this stuff.  I don't want to revamp my entire wardrobe to teal.
I also did a batch of orange, but that sweater will have to wait.  I did dye some lace at the same time in both orange and teal.
 Here is the finished product.  I think it turned out awesome.  I added the lace to the sides and changed out the buttons for funky antique ones and some new ones made to look old.
When I was done I showed it to Jim.  He still doesn't like it.  But now I don't really care.  I wore it to work today and love it!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

First Cheer leading Game

Claire's Halftime Cheer
Dribble It Pass It
Lilly getting introduced
Lilly's Cheer

Friday, December 23, 2011

We did our family Christmas party last night.  We held to a new philosophy this year when it came to gifts.  Each person got one gift in the following categories: Need, Want, Wear, Read, Made.
It worked really well.
Here are some pictures of the festivities.
 Before the fun begins!
Claire and Lilly opening their "Want" American Girl dolls - Kirsten and Kit
Girls with their "Made" gifts
Modeling their comfy "Wear" gifts
I made these dolls for Claire, Lilly and Emelia. Emelia will get hers up north.

I ran out of cards this year.  Here is a digital version for those of you who didn't get one. 
Hope that you and your family have a blessed Christmas.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Have I introduced you to my new best friend?

Sometimes, when I want to avoid doing all of the other things that I should be doing, I sit on my couch and spend some time with my new best friend - Pinterest.
Have you met?  She is one of those friends you can spend hours with and it seems like minutes.  So many good ideas.  So much good advice.  She knows all of the tricks for cleaning your oven with stuff found in your kitchen.  She has all of the good tips on how to get the best pictures of your kids.  I look forward to the time I can spend combing through all of her knowledge.
Ok. Let's get real.  Pinterest is this amazing site where you create virtual bulletin boards.  Instead of tacking things to them, you pin them.  I have boards for everything.  I have over 800 pins on 27 boards.  I can get to them from my smartphone when I am at Joann Fabrics and want to see what colors I need.  It is so addicting and it makes you feel like you have been crafty and all you have done is sat on the couch.

You need an invite to join.  I am happy to invite anyone who is interested.  But, be warned, you will waste a ton of time on this.  If you have an addictive personality, you may want to stay away.  Seriously, can you handle the cuteness!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Craft Show Update

Today was the craft show at Legacy Christian.  It was also the debut of my newest line - turtle dove.  This line is focused on children's accessories and fun items.  We had a very successful day, but I do have some stuff left.  I am listing the stuff here in case anyone is interested in ordering.  If you want something, either comment here, email me or message me on Facebook.  All items are first come first serve.  
If you are local, we will set up a time for delivery.  
Otherwise I will work with you on the most cost efficient way to get it to you.  
A look at the booth with my new banner.

Canvas Totes $25
18w x 16t
Each has a gathered flower on the outside and is fully lined with a coordinating "fun" fabric inside.
The handle length is great for the taller girls as well.
Let me know what color outside flower you are interested in.

Magnetic Boards and Green Frame
Magnetic Boards are 12x12
includes 4 magnets
Can be used with dry erase marker as a message board.
Only have the orange frame left.  
Holds a 5x7 
includes 2 magnets
Lots of button magnets left 2/$1

Scavenger Hunt Kit
Sold Out
Can order for Christmas
Includes cards and a collection bag.
Send your kids on a hunt for things like a lost toy, a piece of plastic where it shouldn't be, 
a smooth leaf and many more.

Little Girl's Face Clutch
Let me know the hair/skin color you like.  
Each has a fun fabric on the back and a coordinating interior.

Only a few of these left.
A note card box that includes 4 gift cards.
Bus Driver
Choose who you will give it to and put the card in the top of the box.
Comes packaged in a cello bag with bow.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Craft Show This Weekend

I will be at the Legacy Christian Craft show this week Saturday, November 5 from 9-3.  I will have a variety of items. None of my signature totes/diaper bags (those will be available for order), but some new things like scavenger hunt kits, eye spy pillows, face clutch purses, paci clips, and other new kids stuff from my new accessories line turtle dove. Swing by and check it out!