Saturday, November 5, 2011

Craft Show Update

Today was the craft show at Legacy Christian.  It was also the debut of my newest line - turtle dove.  This line is focused on children's accessories and fun items.  We had a very successful day, but I do have some stuff left.  I am listing the stuff here in case anyone is interested in ordering.  If you want something, either comment here, email me or message me on Facebook.  All items are first come first serve.  
If you are local, we will set up a time for delivery.  
Otherwise I will work with you on the most cost efficient way to get it to you.  
A look at the booth with my new banner.

Canvas Totes $25
18w x 16t
Each has a gathered flower on the outside and is fully lined with a coordinating "fun" fabric inside.
The handle length is great for the taller girls as well.
Let me know what color outside flower you are interested in.

Magnetic Boards and Green Frame
Magnetic Boards are 12x12
includes 4 magnets
Can be used with dry erase marker as a message board.
Only have the orange frame left.  
Holds a 5x7 
includes 2 magnets
Lots of button magnets left 2/$1

Scavenger Hunt Kit
Sold Out
Can order for Christmas
Includes cards and a collection bag.
Send your kids on a hunt for things like a lost toy, a piece of plastic where it shouldn't be, 
a smooth leaf and many more.

Little Girl's Face Clutch
Let me know the hair/skin color you like.  
Each has a fun fabric on the back and a coordinating interior.

Only a few of these left.
A note card box that includes 4 gift cards.
Bus Driver
Choose who you will give it to and put the card in the top of the box.
Comes packaged in a cello bag with bow.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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