Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I know you are all expecting to see what costumes I made for my kids this year.  Well, I have to admit that I didn't make them anything.  They both opted for ready made costumes this year.  We already had Claire's in the dress up box.  She was a beautiful mermaid.

 Lilly requested the Cha Cha Dancer from the Chasing Fireflies catalog.  However, that costume was over $100!  I was going to make one until I found this at Gymboree for $11!  Who can beat it?  I did make both of their treat bags to match their costumes.

I did make a costume this year.  When Leah asked Jack what he wanted to be for Halloween he said a barn.  We were not sure how he could be a barn, but then he changed his mind to tractor.  Knowing how much he loves the John Deere store, we knew it had to be a green one.  Here is the result.  3 paper boxes, a couple of cup cozies, foam sheets and lots of tape and spray paint turned into one of the cutest tractors I've seen.  Maybe it is the farmer inside that makes it so cute.

 Rumor has it that Leah even let Jack have some candy last night!  Don't tell anyone.

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