Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You may think I am insane, but I LOVE these!

I called Coco over to look at these when I came across them yesterday. She thinks they are too much, but I say you can never have to much when it comes to jewelry.
These wonderful necklaces are made by Idea Farm Designs on etsy.
I cannot afford to buy one right now, but they are definitely going on my favorite seller list.
If anyone has some vintage necklaces, cameos, metal broaches, or other "stuff" you could try combining them into one of these beauties. If they are not your thing, you can send your stuff to me and I'll try it!


Jodi said...

I agree with Coco, they're a little much. Almost looks like a turkish bazzar going on around the neck! I'm going to have to make fun of you if you buy one :)

HandbagsbyJen said...

I will not buy one because I think they are a little overpriced. However, I am certainly starting my collection of vintage beads and stuff to put a similar one together. And don't you dare laugh! :)