Friday, November 12, 2010

Meet the newest Settergren

I know. I said we'd never do it. Have another one. But, I caved.
Welcome Leroy to our family.

Every once in awhile Calvin lists animals for adoption. I saw his face and loved him. He is 14 weeks old. Most of their cats are already fixed and have their shots. When I went to check him out, he came right up to me and snuggled in. He had me at hello.

I picked up the cat and Jim got the girls. We sat them on the couch and told them to close their eyes. They were shocked to say the least. They love him a lot and want to hold him all of the time. He is extremely playful and chases yarn and balls all over the place. Melvin is still getting used to sharing his house, but they chase each other and I am sure will be good friends.

We spent many hours trying to come up with the perfect name. The people at Calvin had called him Gar, but the girls weren't into that. Coco came up with Leroy and it stuck.
The girls wanted to take him to Grandma Deb's today because they didn't want to leave him alone. I think they love him already.

If you are looking for a kitten (3 -4 months old) I highly recommend the WMRL on the campus of Calvin College. Their program is run like a well oiled machine. They take a lot of precautions to protect all of their animals from getting sick (you have to wash your hands and change shoe booties between each room). Their staff was very helpful and it was evident how much they care for the animals. More than once it was mentioned that "Gar" was a favorite. Check out the kittens they have for adoption.


kpeereboom said...

Oh Jen, he's so cute! I checked out the website and its so tempting not to sign up and get one - Leah thinks they are all super cute!

Anonymous said...

You are a sucker. April