Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lilly's Birthday Gift

I have been trying to figure out what to get Lilly for her birthday. She doesn't need anything. We don't need any more crap in our house. For their party with friends, we are not having gifts. Instead, we are collecting money for a water filtration system for Haiti. They need to learn that it is not about the gifts. They were not happy about it (maybe still not), but it is a lesson that we all need to learn.
Claire and Coco are getting her earrings. Jim wants to get her the game Mousetrap. I decided to make her some clothes for her hard-to-fit doll. We bought these dolls for the girls in 2007.I got them off Etsy from Jill Zurzolo. She was living in Japan at the time and started making dolls. I emailed her pictures of the girls, along with a description of their personalities, and she created these awesome dolls. The girls love them. I have had to "fix the hair" on these girls many times due to the sleeping with them in bed, playing and adventures.
They are custom dolls, so they are custom sized. Commercial clothes don't work. So, these girls are either in their cute dresses they arrived in or naked. Poor girls....
In comes my brainstorm.
I purchased a dress pattern from Avery Lane also on etsy, downloaded a free pants pattern online, and got started. Oh, I also ordered a sweater off of etsy, but it will not get here by tomorrow. Surprise mail is always a treat though.

Claire's doll decided she would help model. I made a total of 3 dresses, 3 pairs of pants, and 2 jackets. I suppose I will be duplicating this work next month for Claire's doll, but they go really fast. Including cutting, it took about 5 hours. It will go even faster next time because my serger will be fixed. I straight and zig zaged each seam because my serger is on the fritz.

Notice my new logo side tag in the seam of this dress? Isn't it cute? turtledove is the name I have chosen for all of the kids stuff I do. It is often the name I call the girls.

Each dress has matching pants. Can't see them in this one, but they show in the picture of Claire's doll.

Anyway, I am very satisfied with my most recent project. I am putting it all in a little case so she can take her doll and the wardrobe wherever she wants. I sure hope she is as impressed with it as I am.

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Amanda said...

So how did Lilly like her gift? Got any good father's day ideas I can steal?