Thursday, June 9, 2011

NYC Here We Come!

Tomorrow Courteney and I head down to Detroit to hit up Home Goods and Ikea before we fly out on Saturday morning. We will be meeting up with Vicky in Dearborn and staying there for the night. The three of us head out early in the morning and are in the city by 10:30 am. We will stay until Tuesday and have much planned. You will have to wait for all of that, but I did whip up some wristlets for us last night.
I did 3 large floral patterns with ruffles and vintage buttons. Did I mention that 2 button shops are on my must see while in NYC?
I didn't have a pattern, but they went together very easily. I did get some help from here on how to sew the zipper to both the outside and lining at the same time. It worked great.These would be a great gift for bridesmaids or maybe coordinate for a prom or homecoming.
I will not be sewing for about a week and then I have a couple of promised things to finish first. I am also getting ready for the Legacy Christian School Craft fair on November 5. I figure if I do a little all summer I will not stress out the end of October. Good plan, right?

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