Monday, June 16, 2008

Warning: Busy Week Ahead

This week is going to be CRAZY! I am working for one of my great friends, Jodi Bos. Jodi owns In Any Event, a premier event planning business. She is known for her high-end, detailed designs. I have worked for her in the past, but this week is insane!
Here is a picture from a birthday party she did last December
She has booked a wedding on Friday and a Birthday Party on Saturday! That's right folks - two days in a row!
And these are no ordinary events mind you....Wedding reception for 340+ people in a tent on the beach...A 50th Birthday party for a well known women in our area for about 400.
It is going to be very busy, but a TON of fun! We always have a blast, even though we can't walk the next day.
I also designed a new bag especially for In Any Event.
This is the flower girl bag that coordinates with the bride's and bridesmaid bags. She will give them to the girls at rehearsal and they can pack for the big day in bags that match the colors of the wedding.
So....I may be a little out of touch this week. But, stay tuned. I will have wonderful stories to tell next week.

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