Monday, January 12, 2009

A Short Break

I was in Chicago this weekend for my sister's baby shower. It was a ton of fun. However, I will not be posting pics today because I am going to have a small surgical proceedure today. It is not a big deal, but I will be on some serious drugs for a few days. Once I am lucid, I will post some pics of the fun event.

January is a hugely busy month for us. I am out of town or working every weekend which leaves Dear ol' Dad in charge of the girls. He is not used to getting them up and ready for school and the sitter before he heads off to work, so this will be an experience for us all.

Be back soon.


Deborah- said...

Praying things go well for you Jen with the surgery and recovery. Looks as if Jim might be in need of some prayer as well. : )

Barbara said...

Trusting today is better than yesterday and that such a trend will continue. At least you can be cozy inside during the deep freeze (which we are "riding out" in Texas).