Monday, February 9, 2009

Now back to our regular schedule

After surgery, my incision became infected and knocked me on my butt for a few days. Now that I am feeling better, I figure I should get an update on the blog. I have not touched the quilt. Did I mention that I am scared to start the actual quilting???? Well, I am. I am actually considering sending it out to be done. However, I hate stepping down from a challenge.

Claire's school has an auction every year. Each class is responsible for a class project where the parents can bid like crazy people to raise money for the school. I have been asked to help out with Claire's class. It should be fun.

I also donate each year. Last year I did a "girl" diaper bag, a "boy" diaper bag and a Grandma's Goodie bag. Each bag was stuffed with things that matched the theme. I think I will do a couple of the totes this year, but add a couple of library bags. If there are any readers from the school that have a request, please comment here and I will see what I can do.

Claire is on winter break Friday and Monday. My parents are planning on coming and picking up the kids on Thurs night so we can try and get some projects done at the house. I say planning because if my sister has her baby before that, they will be in Chicago instead. I am praying that she waits until next week. She is praying it is tomorrow. We will have to see who is praying harder!

On the list of projects are: 1) Cleaning and sorting (packing up for garage sale) the toy room.
2) Organizing the office so we can add a desk for the girls and make room in the closet for Coco's stuff (she is moving to our house in June!). 3) Move stuff up to the attic space. We will have to see if we accomplish any of this. I will also have to sew some stuff to be ready for the auction.

Here is a sneak peek at Claire's Valentine for her friends this year. Look familiar?

Have a great Monday!

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Anonymous said...

Ok..I have an ever so helpful comment.. :-) Perhaps if you hadn't volunteered to help out with the auction, you'd have more time to try and finish the quilt?? See..I told you it was helpful..ha ha... I know you can do the quilt and how fun would it be for Leah to know that you did the whole thing??? On the other hand it still was your idea, and you designed it and did a lot of it, so that would be totally good too. So this is not to pressure you to do it, just to let you know I know you can.