Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Norfab Lil Bear Playhouse

Dear Norfab:
We spent a lot of time looking for a playhouse for our girls. We poured over plans, checked out local builders and scoured the internet for the perfect playhouse in our budget. We reviewed the plans and instructions on your website before making the purchase. We settled on your cute house to grace our backyard.
We ran into several problems when ordering the playhouse from your "local retailer" who said they never heard of your playhouse and could not get it for us. We had to find the model number and let them know that it did, in fact exist. Then there were the delivery/pick up issues. I don't even have time for those today. But, that isn't even the beginning.
We were shorted studs for the walls, the end panels were cut wrong and the 3-5 hours of assembly time stated on your "instructions" has now entered the third week. Granted, we had to put everything on hold to wait for the studs to come in the mail, but we are far beyond that estimate.
Parts don't match up. Cuts are in the wrong place. The list goes on and on.
We will have a wonderful house for our kids when we are finished, but we will have made half of the cuts ourselves and have revised your instructions three or four times.
I would like to suggest that you do the same. Actually assemble one of your playhouses and write down exactly what you do in each step. See if your parts fit. See if you have everything you need. I think you will be surprised at how wrong you are.
We finally have all of the walls and the floor assembled. I hope to have a standing structure by the weekend. I will eventually get my garage back (it has rained here a lot recently and I didn't want all of the wood in the weather) and my girls will eventually get the playhouse they have so patiently waited for.

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