Sunday, June 14, 2009

Playhouse Status Update

After a long battle with the playhouse kit, we are entering the home stretch. The only thing left to do is paint and shingle.
Jim did all of the building, so now it is my turn to paint and decorate. I laid black and white tile in the house and "stone" tile for the porch. However, in the hot sun today, the "stone" tile got very hot. Too hot to step on and it even started sliding off of the floor. I am going to pull it up and paint it white. Hopefully, that will keep it cooler for the little toes.
I got the table off Craigslist for a great deal! The top is a chalkboard, but I think I am going to look for a bigger one for the wall. My mom found the blue sauce pans at an antique store up north so I changed my plan for the curtains. I went with the blue and red vintage print to pull it all together. The white "cupboard" used to hang in our bathroom at our old house, but it is perfect for the vintage spice tins that I found at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago.
The girls played in it today and I am sure they will spend a lot of time in it tomorrow.


Barb said...

What I can't fathom is that you managed to pull of an openhouse AND finishing the playhouse all in one weekend. Did you get any sleep?? :)

Franchelle Contreras said...

I remember my braces. Of course, that was long ago, although, now my teeth are nice and straight. My Son had braces as well. His teeth are so beautiful. It was worth it all!