Friday, November 13, 2009

Christmas List

If you plan on making gifts for your family and friends this year, you better start crackin'. Here are a couple of things on my list.

1) Quilts for my girls - I know they will not be done before Christmas, but I will be sure to finish them during my Christmas break. I am using this fabric and it comes in panels that are already squares. I am then adding fabric to cover the words (because they are dumb) and then quilting the squares.
2. Notepads with drawings by the kids - This would be a great gift for teachers, grandparents, or the kids' friends. There are easy instructions here. Craft Apple happens to be a great blog and when I ordered one of her patterns last year we discovered we have a college connection as well. Amazing what a small world!3. Make your own I Spy book. Brassy Apple has a great tutorial. The best part is that you have everything you need in your house. You could make this into a bound book with Shutterfly or Snapfish, or you could just use a cheap photo album from the dollar store.

4. Design your own stuffie. I am going to have my girls draw a picture of a stuffed animal that they would like to bring to life. There are a couple of companies that do this, but they are quite pricey. I plan to use felt and fleece so that they are easy to sew.
All of this and I still have orders to fill for Christmas. This is what I plan on getting done this weekend:
1. Kara's Diaper Bag and Hooter Hider (I have never made one of these so I will have to see how it goes)
2. Stacy's Jade Diaper Bag (She lives in Canada and I need to get this to her before her little one arrives)
3. Library bag for Krista (I already have her other stuff done.)

Hopefully this will catch me up enough to start working on a pillow I want to try.


sami said...

hooter hider?

Deborah- said...

Jen I made several Hooter Hiders and they are super simple!

Jennifer Juniper said...

I have a bobbin that inserts into the side. The first time I sewed it, I forgot to back stitch and it pulled right through. The second time I went back and forth about 3 times to bind it good and tight then it bunched right up.

I don't know if your machine adjusts for tension, I have a Kenmore and I have to adjust for all of that manually.