Saturday, November 7, 2009

If you have kids who love music, you need this

While reading my blogroll on Friday, I came across this post by Cool Mom Picks. I was interested and went to the link to listen. I was immediately intrigued by the songs. I ran the album in the background while I worked and liked most of the songs, which is more than I can say for most of the kids music CD's out there.
I stopped by Barnes and Noble to pick up the new Jimmies CD/DVD combo. Retail is $19.99, but we have a membership there so it was just over $14 for the pack.
I must say that my girls have listened to it over and over. Watching the videos and doing karaoke at home and listening to the CD in the car. Coco is even putting some of it on her ipod.
Claire cried after listening to Taddy for the first time. She is ok with the song now. She asked for a Jimmies Tshirt for Christmas, but they don't have any in her size listed on the website. So, I had to write an email to them tonight from Claire.

Dear Jimmies:
I love your music. I love your videos. I am your biggest fan. I went to your website tonight to look at the Tshirts, but you don't have any in my size. I am 7 years old, but your Tshirts only go to a size 6. Do you make a shirt to fit me? Can you make me one with your picture on it?
Your biggest fan,

I will see what response I get, but if they don't have a shirt for her, I think I will be making a Jimmies shirt for her. She was singing the songs while laying in bed tonight. She may very well be there biggest fan at the moment.

If you need a Christmas gift idea, or just need something to occupy your kids for awhile, this is great! Check it out!

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