Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Baby Shower Gifts

We had a surprise baby shower for a friend at work today. She was really surprised. Thought I'd show you what I made for her.
She is having a boy, but I didn't have the right fabric prints in blue, so I went with a green and orange combo. It has a ruffle because I like ruffles and think that if a mom is carrying the bag who cares if it looks girly. After all, she is a girl.
I also made a "quilted" taggy blanket. It has a layer of crinkly plastic in the inside so it makes noise. I love the way this one turned out!

Congrats, Cindy! I hope all goes well in the next few weeks.


Amanda said...

Very cute...Lauren loves that crinkly cellophane stuff.

janimal said...

What fabulous gifts! I would have loved these as a new Mom. Just lovely!