Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ladies Christmas Party

The last party for 2010 is actually being held in 2011. I am having some friends over from all different parts of my life. Some neighbors and some "school" friends.
My original plan was for Christmas decor, but my tree is down and my red and green have been put away. So, change of plan!
The new plan is for winter theme. We will be going with earth tones and cozy feeling. I had seen the sweater candles in catalogs, but never could bring myself to buy them. While at the dollar store I saw the glassware and decided to take a stab at making them myself.
I stopped at Goodwill and picked up several cable knit sweaters for $2.99 each. I ended up using only one for this project, but will use the rest for another decor project I'll share soon.
Here are the quick and easy instructions.
1. Lay your vase on the sleeve of the sweater with the cuff toward the top of the vase.
2. Cut the sleeve leaving about 1 1/2 inch overhang on the bottom.
3. Hot glue the sweater to the bottom of the vase and cut off the excess so that it doesn't tip.
I know what you are thinking. 2 sleeves does not equal 3 candles. For the third one I used the bottom band of the sweater and just hot glued up the side as well.

For the twine candle, I just wrapped twine randomly around the vase and hot glued the ends at the bottom.

The glitter candles are a mixture of Modge Podge, glitter and cream paint.

These beauties will all be displayed on a brown "velvet" tablecloth with gold chargers and linen napkins.

I will be sure to post a picture of the finished product later.

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