Friday, October 10, 2008

The Notebook Purse or the Purse Notebook

Awhile ago, Brassy Apple had a blog post about a purse notebook. It was so cute I decided that I would try it when I got a chance.
In a couple of weeks I am taking the girls to Chicago to visit my sister. I am gathering things to do in the car and thought one of these notebooks would make a great journal for the trip.
I stopped by Office Depot and picked up a composition notebook that has a writing space on the bottom and white space on the top for a picture.
I added brown paper and stickers to the front and back and sewed on handles to make a suitcase version.These turned out just as I wanted. I can't wait for the girls to fill them up with great stories and drawings.

We are joining Jim's family on Sunday for a birthday lunch for Karen (his niece). Of course, I had to make one for her too. I asked the Office Depot person if they could cut through the whole composition notebook. He said he wasn't sure, but he'd be willing to try. The cutter thingy they have sliced through it like butter. No problem and for only 75 cents per cut, it was well worth it.
I added scrapbooking paper and some embellishments to Karen's "purse" and topped it off with a ribbon handle. I think that she is going to love it.

I have the Princeton Church craft show tomorrow. I am almost all ready.....I think....


Ellen said...

That is completely adorable, and you're right, she WILL love it!

Barbara said...

How absolutely darling!! She'll LOVE it. Are you sure you don't have a couple for the craft show as well? We'll see you there in the morning.

kara said...

What a cute idea!