Monday, October 20, 2008

Photography Workshop

I participated in a photography workshop last week Friday led by Jen Kroll, John Pottenger and Holly Henderson (and Ryan Prins). We had the opportunity to shoot models in different settings and have instruction from all of these great photographers.
The group was a blast. We laughed all day long. An I learned a TON!!! I never put my camera on automatic all day. I had to make decisions about the settings and force myself to take a ton of shots to get the right one. Sometimes it took quite awhile to find the right setting, but when I did it was very rewarding.
Here are a few of the shots. Don't be too hard on me. I am not a professional after all.

Thanks Jen, John, Holly and Ryan for a great class!


Karyn said...

Hi Jen!
Love the shots girl! It was so nice meeting you and shooting with you on Friday- please keep in touch. :)

btw- I just love your handbags, so creative!

Karyn May

Deborah- said...

Hard on you? You've got to be kidding. These are outstanding shots. Lighting, composition....all very nice. Great models as well.

What camera did you use for this?

HandbagsbyJen said...

Well, after looking at the professional photographers pics, mine are not quite as great as I thought they were. However, for using all manual settings, I am pretty proud of them. I shot my Canon Rebel Xti. I used the standard 18-55 lens that comes with the camera and then a 50mm 1.8 fixed lens.
I took about 1000 pics and got about 20 I'd use, but it was a great time and I learned a lot.
Wish you lived closer so we could do something like this together.

Holly Henderson said...

Hi Jen
Oh, my gosh... these are amazing! I love that you challenged yourself to take control of your camera and settings. All of the things you learned your can totally apply to photographing your adorable purses and your family.
Thanks for bringing your great energy and smile
All the best

Kelly Braman Photography said...

Hi Jen!
Great Job! It was so nice meeting you-You are very creative and it is great that photography is another outlet for you! Don't be so hard on yourself-Own it-These are fab!

Keep in touch!

Kelly Braman

Jen K. said...

Jen!! These are fabulous!! Well done dear! So nice hanging out with you. I'm sure you're already working your tuckus off -- I'll see you on Thursday!! Make sure you sleep this week!!

John said...

Great Shots Jen! It was such a blast shooting with you for a day! We should do it again sometime. Keep up the great work, and never be affraid to experiment with those manual settings! : )