Thursday, December 11, 2008

Welcome to the World of Lilly

What's this Mom? asked Claire. I almost did not dare to turn around. The girls had been crafting nicely at the table for quite awhile. No fighting over supplies. No criticizing each others work. It was beautiful. I had gotten 2 loads of laundry folded. Lovely.
Then it all came to a screeching halt.

It was hair. Human hair. Quite a bit of it. Lilly hair.

There she stood with her half mullet haircut. "Why did you cut your hair?" I asked.
"Because." she said. I informed her that there would be no scissors in her near future and she responded "you're not my boss."
She quickly learned that I am her boss and sat on the step (our time out spot) for quite awhile.

I lived with the hair for a few days. I don't know if it was much of a punishment for her, but I dreaded the thought having all of our Christmas pictures taken with this horrible haircut.
So, yesterday she got a haircut from a professional. She absolutely hated it. She hated the hair washing. She hated sitting still. She did not enjoy the process. I guess that was part of her punishment.

Now comes the best part. Everyone LOVES the new haircut. She is getting compliments from everyone who sees her. (This is not helping me in the "don't cut your own hair or you will have to have a short hairdo" department.)

Here is her before picture (the one on our already outdated Christmas card)

Here she is with her updated do:
Again....Welcome to my world.


Jodi Bos said...

Only Lily...only Lily!

Amanda said...

She is pretty darn cute...this is just a rite of passage for kids. Are you sure we didn't get in trouble for doing this?

Hope to see you at Christmas.

Barbara said...

It happens once in every mother's experience....