Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Craziness is Over....Almost

All of our traveling is done. We have had several parties, saw lots of family and had a ton of fun. It all started with our family Christmas celebration at our house. The girls decorated cookies and ate a lot of frosting.
That evening we started with some snacks, opened gifts and then enjoyed a buffet of appetizers. The girls thought it was great to have so many options of food. We didn't have to keep encouraging them to eat because they got to choose their own food.

The girls loved all of their gifts. The playhouse, face bag and I spy were all well received. Coco's big gift this year was a wallet full of gift cards. She can now go to the movies with her friends, buy some cd's or get a bite to eat without coming to us for money.

I got some surprises under the tree as well. Jim got me an afternoon at the new spa that just opened down the road from us. I can't wait to take advantage of that! I also got a digital frame for my office, a ceramic bird from Lilly, Santa and Snowman salt and pepper shakers from Claire and perfume from Coco. I also got this great necklace. I bought it for myself, but let Jim put his name on the tag.After all of this, we traveled up north to my parents. It is usually takes right around 2 hours. It took 4 hours. That is right 4 hours! I could hardly peel my fingers from the wheel when we finally pulled into the driveway.

While up there, we had 2 Christmas parties and a baby shower for my sister. We saw tons of cousins and had a good time.
We have one more party to go. Coco is having 5 girlfriends over for a fancy dinner and gifts. They are going to be one tired group. They are gathering for a New Years party tomorrow night and then coming to our house on Thursday. Here is a sneak preview of what will be going on in our dining room.

I will post many more pics on Friday or Saturday.

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