Thursday, March 5, 2009

Another Wonderfull Lilly Moment

Last weekend, when I was in Chicago visiting Leah, Jim took all of the girls to Panara for dinner.
Coco was talking to Claire about school and the conversation was going well.
One detail about Lilly that you need to know is that when she feels that she is not the center of attention, she feels the need to talk very loudly. On the edge of a yell. Sometimes she even does yell.
So anyway, Coco and Claire were talking and Claire said that at school she prayed that she was thankful that "Mom's butt got better." (She is actually talking about my lower back, but she says butt because she thinks it is funny.)
Well, Lilly pipes up (read that as yells loud enough that the man in the next booth drops his sandwich and laughs out loud), "CLAIRE, IT WASN'T HER BUT IT WAS HER VAGINA!"

Nice Lilly....really nice. I think it will be awhile before Jim takes his girls on a "date." He needs some time to recover from this one.


Amanda said...

I can see Jim turning bright red and leaving Panera as soon as possible...good one Lilly!

Barb said...

Your story telling skills have us laughing over on Summertime Court :)

Deborah- said...

Great picture (I can imagine Jim doing this) along with a great story!