Thursday, March 5, 2009

Updating an Old Comforter Set

Lilly has been wanting to sleep on Claire's floor of late. She keeps saying that she is "scary". So, instead of letting our 3 year old sleep on the floor for another week, we decided to stack the girls' beds into a bunk bed. Don't worry, they are designed for this.

Then, me being me, I needed the beds to match. Off came the fairy and mermaid bedspreads and on went the "old" red ones. Well, the girls didn't like them. They said they looked like "boy beds." So, I spent the majority of the day and night yesterday making ruffle pillowcases and book slings.

Here are some pictures of the new old beds.

So, I spent all of this time and effort to make the girls' beds look girly and guess where Lilly slept last night. That is right.....on the floor of her old room.

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