Friday, March 27, 2009

School Auction

I know that lots of schools are doing auctions as fundraisers. Our school is having theirs on Saturday. There are 3 phases to the evening. The theme is "This is My Father's World" so the night begins with food from various locations around the world. Italian, German, Mexican, and more. Then on to the silent auction. Each table is sponsored by a local business and has items up for bid. I am donating 2 bags filled with the essentials for Mom to relax. Last year my bags made about $100 each for the school. The final activity is the live auction. This is where things get interesting. This year we have lots of great items, but the highlights of the night are always the class projects.
Each class works on a project that all of the parents can bid on. PreK through 8th grade present their projects and the bidding begins. We will have several quilts, fruit bowls with the kids fingerprints on, recycled jean bags, a quilted table runner, and much more. Claire's class has made a wind chime. This is something that I have had floating around in my head for awhile and I finally found the perfect opportunity to make it.
The room moms purchased a nice wind chime with great sound. Then we had each of the kids write their name on copper sheeting (it is available in craft stores in small sheets and can be cut with a craft scissors). It is soft enough that if you have them use a pencil, it will show up great. We tied their name to some fishing line and had them string sparkly beads on the string. I then hung them on various locations on the chime.
This picture is from my phone and therefore not the best quality, but you can get the idea.
This would work with the names of your family, the fruits of the spirit, or any other words you can think of.

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