Sunday, September 27, 2009

ArtPrize 2009

Those of you who I talk to on a regular basis already know that In Any Event has been working for ArtPrize. We had the public and private opening events last Wednesday and have several more in the next couple of weeks. I had already seen some of the great artwork downtown, but the rest of my family had not.
On Friday, we went downtown for the circus (another very exciting story I'll share later) and we got down rather early. We decided to walk over to the BOB to kill some time. The kids ate it up! They loved looking at each piece and ran from one exhibit to the next. So, we decided to go back down on Saturday night. This time I gave Claire a camera and let her take pictures of what she liked.
Here is our tour:this moose is made entirely of rusty nails

balloon art

the giving tree. this burned down 10 days before the start of the contest and his hometown helped to rebuild it.

can you guess what these are?

they were used to make these awesome portraits!

recycled tires

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