Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lilly's First Day of Preschool

Lilly started preschool this week. She is going to the same program that Claire went to so we knew a little of what to expect - or so we thought. The teacher we told her she would be having is on maternity leave, the helper was transferred to another school. Pick up and drop off procedures have been changed. So, we are really starting from the beginning.

I went with her for the first hour long class. She decided to cling to my leg like a dryer sheet and not talk to anyone. She had her fingers in her mouth or nose the whole time. WHO IS THIS KID? Where is my "no fear" Lilly?
When she got home and saw Claire, Claire asked "Who are your friends?" Lilly said she was shy and didn't talk to anyone. Claire said "Lilly, I am very disappointed." She gave her strict instructions to make some friends the next day.

We made through that day and Grandma Deb brought her the next day. She made a friend the second day. Guess what her name is.....Lilly. Go figure.

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