Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mid Winter Break

This weekend was Mid Winter Break for Claire's school. I took Friday off of work to do something fun with the kids. We ended up going to Chuckie Cheese with Jodi and her kids for lunch and then met them again for dinner. Saturday, Claire and I had a girls day and went to run some errands.
Saturday night I set up the tent and preped for Camping night.
After dinner, we made smores.I tried to find a smore maker to borrow, but thought our table top grill would work. I was wrong. It didn't get hot enough to even brown the mellows. So we went on to plan B.
This actually made excellent smores!
The girls watched iCarley in the tent and fun was had by all.......Until about 1 am.
That is when Lilly came downstairs and woke me up saying she didn't feel well. She was not lying. She stared puking at 1:15 and didn't stop until noonish today. We slept in 20 minute increments all night long.
Claire has tomorrow off of school, but I am going to go to work because I cannot handle any more excitement. I think I need a Mid Winter Break.

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