Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Claire's Daisy Diva

Claire needed a new bike this spring. We passed her bike to Lilly and went on the hunt. We looked at the garage sales in our neighborhood, checked out Craigslist and searched several stores. She couldn't find anything that she liked as much as the Daisy Diva we found online. She struggled with the decision because she did not want to wait for delivery and wanted to just find one and take it home.
The website said to plan on a week for delivery. On Saturday, she decided that she would only be happy with the Daisy Diva. I was very happy with her decision. It has a big seat, upturned handlebars, and it looked like a good bike for her.It came much sooner than we anticipated and showed up on our front porch yesterday. That is fast service for $2.97 shipping! Jim spent several hours assembling it. He said it was quite a pain in the butt. The breaks are still a bit tight and he will adjust them tonight.
The major glitch for us came in the fact that Claire still uses training wheels. 20" bikes are not intended for use with training wheels. (I know what you are thinking...What the heck are you parents doing? Teach this kid to ride a bike! Let me assure you we are working on it. Claire is gaining confidence in other areas of life which I hope will spill out into these small daily battles)
Anyway, Jim is going to fabricate something at work today to rig the training wheels so that she can really ride the bike.
In the meantime, here she is modeling her new Daisy Diva!


Amanda said...

I love it...reminds me of the green bike that I had that was handed down from you and Leah with the big banana seat. Go Claire go!

Deborah- said...

Awesome Claire!