Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Give away #2

As of now, there is not a whole lot of competition for the giveaway. Invite your friends! It is time to post about give away number 2.
You have no idea how many scraps are produced when making bags and other projects. I can't even think of throwing them away. They are just to pretty! Scraps are all different sizes.
Here is a pic of some of them. Designers include Amy Butler, Sandi Henderson, Heather Bailey, and many more.
I will make 3 bags of equal weight for prizes.
I'd like you to go to my website at www.handbagsbyjen.com and tell me what you like. Be sure to check out all of the areas.


Pam said...

Everything you make turns out so cute Jen. My favorite was the bags you made for the wedding party. I loved the style and the colors!!

Anonymous said...

I love all your pictures. The dolls for the little girls are too cute! :)

sunshinekmp at yahoo dot com

Elizabeth said...

I loved the diaper bag/tote that was attached to the stroller. I also like the kids long-sleeved shirt embellished with the ruffles. Thank you!

April said...

I see the scraps from my diaper bag which I LOVE and use everyday. I get compliments on it all the time. Which items do I like the best ... mmm, I'm loving the brown/white polka dot frilly bag.