Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?

You all know by now that I have a bit of an unhealthy love for all things Amy Butler. She has beautiful fabric, great patterns, rugs I'd sell my children to own (ok, maybe not), books, you name it - I love it.
Imagine my reaction when I saw this. The gasp, the "holy crap, what has she done now?" Apartment Therapy spilled the beans today.

She has really done it now. I have to figure out how to use this in my house. I know it will be WAY out of my price range, so maybe one roll and frame many pieces on one wall. I am in awe of the patterns and colors.
Once again - "Well done, Amy. Well done."


Deborah- said...

Oooh lovely! My favorite is the second from the left, light blues with the lime green (or is that chartreuse?) flowers.

HandbagsbyJen said...

That one is my favorite! I am trying to talk Jim into using it in our bedroom if it isn't a fortune. Just on the wall behind our bed. I think it is beautiful.