Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Start of School Madness

Typically I post pictures of the first day of school. However, having one in 3rd grade (which started Monday) and one in Kindergarten (which started with Camp Kindergarten yesterday and continues with the official first day today) it is more like the first week of school.
It kicked off with Claire's first day of 3rd grade on Monday.Claire was very excited that she got the teacher she wanted this year. Mrs. Pfruender goes to our church and the girls just love her. I am looking forward to having Claire in her class.
Claire and her best friend Cam hugged as if they hadn't seen each other in a long time. In reality they swam together on Saturday.
Tuesday meant Camp Kindergarten for Lilly.Her friend Zach from church met us on the way in. He is in the other class, but they will still be able to play on the playground.Lilly's teacher is Mrs. Bosma. The teacher that Claire had for K retired, so this is our first time having Mrs. Bosma. I can say that Lilly thinks she is great!
Camp Kindergarten was lots of fun. They made backpacks, bugs, snacks, took a hike through school and sang songs. Click to see larger
At one point Lilly looked at me from the reading circle and whispered "Will you stop taking pictures?" As you can see, I did not.

One more meeting tonight and then I think we are finished with their school stuff for awhile. Good thing my students come back next week, otherwise what would I do?

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