Friday, August 28, 2009

One Last Outing Before School Starts

Wednesday we went to Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek, MI for one final outing before school starts on Monday. The weather forecast was not looking great, but we decided to make the hour+ drive and see what happened. Well, when we got there it was still raining. I checked the radar on my phone and it showed a huge green mass over the city and out into the lake.
After a family discussion (with lots of tears from the little girls), we decided to venture in and brave the rain. We donned our 97cent rain ponchos (except for Coco) and started in. One of the major benefits when you go to the zoo in the rain is that not very many other people join you in the crazy behavior. We were probably among about 30 zoo goers that morning.
We went into the only indoor exhibit first and by the time we got done with that, the rain had begun to slow down. By the time we made it to the African Safari, it was only a light drizzle.
(I hate to take credit for the weather clearing up, but I think I prayed the whole way there for good weather.)

We had a great time feeding the giraffes, watching an animal behavior show, petting snakes, seeing birds and riding on the carousel.I really enjoyed the birds. They were so beautiful. I will be using them as the pics of the day for a little while.
Now to start planning for school on Monday.

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Barb said...

Remember our conversation about praying for x (no rain, for example) when someone is praying against x (though I don't think the farmers in the area need any more rain right now) :):) Glad you had a good time.