Monday, January 18, 2010

Claire and Lilly's Birthday Party

I know what you are thinking "Lilly's birthday is in May and Claire's is in June. What the heck are you doing planning a party in January?" Well, I have to make an order to Oriental Trading for Valentine's day and a school treat so I thought I'd order what I can now and get free shipping. When I saw this party that the great Heather Bailey had published in Home Companion in the April/May 2008 issue, I knew I would use it somehow.
In the past, I have thrown the mother of all parties for the girls. We have 40-50 people and tons of kids. This year they are going to invite 6-8 girls and that is it. We are then going to have a Party Chicks Birthday Party.
I will make each girl a treat bag to hang from the back of the chair. We will have big floral tablecloths, button clover centerpieces with paper globe topiary, and a pinata. I will have all of the stuff to make the clothespin dolls ready and each girl can choose her head, dress and banner. I am really excited to see all of it come together.

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