Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy Birthday, girls!

Holy cow! Has it really been a whole month since my last post? I have a few things coming this week, but I will start it off with a review of the birthday party that we had for the girls today.
Inspiration started a long time ago when I came across the "Birthday Chicks" layout by Heather Bailey in Mary Englebright's Home Companion Magazine. I blogged about it in January.
It all started with the invitation. I used the template from Heather's site and then used Photoshop to layer different patterns. That way I could just print them out on a color printer and cut them out once rather than cutting each layer.(I don't have a pic right now. I'll insert it later.)Then I made the bags. I used some of Heather's fabrics and some of Sandi Henderson's. Each one is different, but they all seem to "go." I then stocked the with a feather boa, a big jewel ring, a bird whistle, and a lollipop. They were a hit!I borrowed a lot of stuff to make this happen. 2 chairs are mine. 3 came from my Aunt Judy. and 2 came from Jodi. I also borrowed all of the vintage china from Jodi. The chickens and tea pots came from my mom. The table cloths are mine. Thanks, everyone!The girls made foam crowns when they arrived. Lunch was served. They had finger sandwiches, fruit kabobs, veggies and dip and sparkling lemonade.After lunch they opened gifts and beat the tar out of a pinata. Then cake was served. I made 2 sheet cakes. One chocolate and one yellow and cut it into rounds. Each cake had one of each layer. I then frosted them and added a gum paste flower that I purchased on etsy from Sweet Bouquet. I saw something I wanted and emailed her a picture. She created her version and I am thrilled. They were beautiful and even tasted good (according to the girls).Place settings were great! I used the china from Jodi, a place card based on the same Heather Bailey party. I used the same pattern from the invites and made the chicks. The blocks were purchased from Casey's Wood Products. Always thrilled with my purchases from them.I think that about wraps it up. Oh, you want to see the kids? What? The decor isn't enough?
My sister asked if it was worth all of the work. Well, tonight before she went to bed, Lilly said "Thanks for the wonderful birthday party, Mom." So, I guess it was.

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April said...

This is the most beautiful little girl's birthday party I have ever seen. Congrats on your success!!