Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Last Weekend's Wedding

I finally have a minute to post about the wedding that I worked last weekend with In Any Event.
It was quite the event. It all began on Thursday with the rehearsal dinner. A beautiful event at Cygnus 27. Jodi did it again. Every detail of the evening was executed perfectly. Jen Kroll captured images that tell the story.

The food was unbelievable! I had never eaten Bison, but it has become a fast favorite. Jim and I missed out on being together for our anniversary (the day after the wedding), so maybe we could splurge and go for Bison.

The reception was absolutely the best event Jodi has ever orchestrated. All of the vendors were spectacular. Modern Day Floral did the flowers for the rehearsal, wedding and reception. The blooms were shipped from all over the world and were absolutely beautiful!
The reception was at the JW Marriott in downtown Grand Rapids. The staff at the hotel were very helpful and went out of their way to make us feel at home.
The food, drink, music and all of the many details made for a wonderful evening.

Guests recorded the evening in a photo booth. These photos were then used to create a photo guest book. Great idea!

The dance portion of the evening included a great band, DJ and martini luge.

Once again, it is a privilege to be part of Jodi's team and to be able to have a very small part in such an extraordinary event.


kara said...

You said it right, it is a privilege to be apart of Jodi's team. I never knew I could love a job so much. It was an incredible event, and I love seeing the photos. It was also great working with you.

Anonymous said...

Martini luge? Is that where the guests slide down a gin waterfall into a pit of vermouth-infused olives?