Thursday, November 20, 2008

Update on Projects

I finished the second house tonight. I also made I Spy pillows for each of the girls. We went to the dentist yesterday and there was one of these in their waiting room. The girls fought over it the whole time we were waiting (much to the dismay of the other patients). I am typing out a list of the objects for Claire's pillow and Lilly's list will be pictures. The list will be laminated and attached to the metal hook.
VERY, VERY easy. It took longer to find all of the stuff to put in than it did to make them.
Here is a list of what is inside:
button, star, marble, straw, snowflake, quarter, dime, nickel, penny, name, paperclip, key binder clip, rubber band, lady bug, yellow flower, gift, flip flop, dog, purse, roller skate, shoe, comb, dinosaur, snake, ice cube, scrabble tile, soccer ball, shell, rock, lollipop, dove, crayon, and a frog.
Obviously, most of the items are small buttons or miniatures that I found at the craft store. The beads are usually used to weight china dolls or stuffed animals.

I hope they like these as much as the one at the dentist.

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