Tuesday, July 29, 2008

For All You Blog Stalkers Out There.....

I can see from my statistics counter that there are a lot of people out there who drop by my blog, but never comment. You mean that you have absolutely nothing to say about what I post??? I can't believe it! My posts are so exciting and insightful - it must move you to tears on most days.
Anyway, I am having a giveaway, but there are some rules.
1. I must get at least 10 comments by Thursday at 8:00 pm (Michigan time).
2. You can only comment once.
3. Your comment should contain at least one item that you would like to see covered on the blog.
I will let the random number generator select the winner on Thursday night at 8:00 pm (Michigan time).
I realize that the blog is a bit random. I started it for business, but then found that I liked to post a lot of different things here. What do you think?

I still have to decide what the giveaway will be.....fabric, trims, random goodness from my studio...Why don't you vote for that in your comment as well. I know that the Farmers Market fabrics are in high demand right now and I happen to have a small stash. :)

So, show your love fellow bloggers!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jen ... thought I'd check your your blogspot today while I am at work (lol!). Looks great so far! I like that you've posted "talented women" -- I love looking for ideas on the various blogspots you've given so far. What I'd like for you to do on your blog? Post fun projects (but easy ones!) for me to try. And pictures (and stories) ... they always make me laugh and wonder how you get through each day! Have a good one! April T. in Ontario :)

Amy V.S. said...

I think you should include periodic updates on your fascinating coworker and cousin. I mean who doesn't want to hear the details of a three hour worship planning meeting. Exciting stuff!

Jennifer said...

I just found your new blog after seeing you and the rest of family the other weekend.

Jodi Bos said...

ooh, I'd love to see a section titled, 'Random thoughts from Jim.' Since the guy cracks me up, i'd love to hear what he has to say about his ever-so-talented wife! maybe he should write a weekly line about the 'current state of the studio.' How funny would that be?!!!

quitecontrary1977 said...

i'd love anything you make/pick!