Thursday, July 17, 2008

You say it's your Birthday......

Last night, my almost 18 year old step-daughter said "My birthday is coming up soon. When is my party?" Party? I thought. What Party? You never mentioned having a party? Well, it is my 18th birthday. That is kinda a big deal!
We went on like this for awhile and she finally wore me down. I am not sure when it will be, but she definitely knows what she wants. In June, I worked with Jodi on a very big birthday party. I took some of the leftover cake home for the girls and Coco decided that is the cake she wants. Oh, really? Does she not understand that this specific bakery specializes in high end cakes and is probably booked already? Plus, a simple cake would not do. Lets pick something with a lot of fondant flowers and fancy ganache.
I called Sweet Cakes Designs this morning and they happen to have some September openings and would love to do her cake. She is requesting something similar to this cake. However, it will only be one layer and be dark purples and dark teals. It will taste just like the cake I brought home. She will be thrilled.
Now I just have to plan a whole party around this cake.......

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