Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fun Weekend Ahead

This weekend, Coco and I are going to go out of town to see Wicked. I am excited! Coco has wanted to see this musical for 3 years. They did music from it for her first band show her freshman year of high school. I thought it would be a good early birthday gift for her to take her on a special day. Seeing as I can't think of anything else to get for her (ideas are more than welcome), it may be the only thing she gets on time.
She had pre-band camp (whoever invented this lovely thing is crazy) this week. This is all the "fun" of band camp, only it is held a the high school each day. Five days of playing and marching before the actual band camp next week. She always has lots of fun, but it is very hard work. Marching outside in the hot sun for 8+ hours a day is not my idea of a good time. I guess it is easier for kids. Anyway, when she was a freshman, I started a tradition with her. I got little gifts and a card of encouragement for each day. I wrapped them all up and labeled them with the appropriate day. So, after a hard day, she had something to look forward to.
She just told me that her and her friends sit around each night and open the stuff. Sometimes she lets them read the card (depending on what it says). She told me that she has saved every card for the last three years. Sometimes the card is from me, sometimes from her dad and some from both of us. This year is no different. Hopefully, all of the encouraging words and sugar highs will help her get through band camp again this year.
She is a little sad about leaving Melvin so I made her a little kitty from this pattern. She loved it. I forgot to take a picture, so here is the pic off the pattern cover.

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Barbara said...

What a GREAT gift idea!! I've heard that "Wicked" is fantastic. Next weekend, I am taking Karen to see "High School Musical," not an early birthday present but a late Christmas present. It's the kind of present I can give again and again each year. Enjoy the show and the special mother-daughter outing!!!