Friday, September 12, 2008

Bento Box Lunch Update

Since school started, Claire has only had hot lunch once. Today they are serving French Toast Sticks and scrambled eggs. I thought that would be an ok one to choose.
I did take a picture of her lunch on Wednesday.
This one included a wrap, carrots with dip, grapes (notice the adorable kitty fork), pringles minis and 3 pieces of chocolate. She took a fruit for snack (one of the really cute mini bananas), so I thought a little treat at lunch would be a surprise.
I got the itty bitty animal forks and the condiment container off ebay. The dip container is the perfect size for some ranch dressing for the veggies. The wrap is on a Mini Whole Wheat FlatOut. I had no idea that these came in a mini size. They fit perfectly in the box. This one is turkey with lettuce and mayo. I held it closed with one of the fun picks.
Even though the plan was to let her pick out one lunch a week (or a total of 4 lunches a month), Claire often opts for Cool Cold Lunch instead of things she had marked as something she'd like to buy for lunch.

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